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Congratulations to JAYJON SOMETHINGSPECIAL (1) /Truffles/ on becoming a Champion in three consecutive shows. His third certificate was awarded at the Midland Counties recently where he had an all red card day. Thanks to his owner, my friend, Hilda Wright on presenting him so beautifully. Truffles will continue jis show career as a neuter.

Also congratulations to JAYJON RED REBEL and Glaven (4) /Rebel/ on his first placing in his Breed Class at the Lancs. Again thanks to Hilda for showing him.

Truffles and Rebel were from the last litters of Jayjon kittens. I have decided not to continue with cat breeding. I have had a great time and made many friends – possibly a few enemies !! – since I commenced showing and breeding Persian Longhairs in 1978. I hope to be able to attend a few shows as just an interested visitor !

A very big thank you to everyone who has bought Jayjon kittens from me in the past.